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Busy Bear Book

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The Busy Bear Book is available in 8 pages or 12 pages. Specifically designed to introduce simple cognitive concepts such as counting, shapes, numbers, sorting and matching whilst developing creativity, imaginary play and fine motor skills.

For that extra special finishing touch and to encourage name recognition, personalisation with natural wooden beads is available. Simply select the “12 Page Personalised Edition” for this book.




  • Thread Turbo Ted’s Shell
  • Laundry
  • Sock Matching
  • Twitterpated Birds
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Fill ‘Em Up
  • Mushroom Maths
  • Fix My Face

The 12 page edition includes the following additional activities:

  • Bedtime
  • Dress Up Dolly
  • Crazy Crocodiles
  • Rainbow Raindrops


Age Guide

Children from 3 years to 6 years of age would enjoy this book. Children under the age of 3 must be supervised due to the presence of small parts.


Size: 20 x 20cm

How to Play

  • Thread Turbo Ted’s Shell: Turbo Ted’s beautiful shell is losing its coil, can you help thread it back together again?
  • Laundry: Put the socks in the washing machine, they need a good wash! Don’t forget to press the green button to start the machine. Can you see them tumbling around through the window? Press the red button to stop the machine.
  • Sock Matching: The socks are all mixed up! Help match them with the other side! Hang the wet socks on the line to dry. 
  • Twitterpated Birds: The pretty birds need a bit of help getting back home. Can you count the birds and name the colours?
  • Pepperoni Pizza: How many pieces of pepperoni on the pizza? Match the slices to the numbers on the tray.
  • Fill ‘Em Up: Oh no! The bus has run out of petrol! Lucky we got to the petrol station just in time. Can you fill up the petrol using only green and orange ribbon?  
  • Mushroom Maths: Mushroom has lost its spots! They’re inside the zipper pocket! Match the spots back to the colours! Can you name the numbers on the spots?
  • Fix My Face: My face is all out of sorts. Can you give me a new one?

The 12 page edition includes the following additional activities:

  • Bedtime: It’s time for dolly to go to sleep. Can you help bring out her pillow and her blanket? Shall we sing a goodnight song? Don’t forget to turn off the light. Nighty night.
  • Dress Up Dolly: Rise and shine! Open the window to let the sun in. What shall we wear today? Unwind the wardrobe and cabinet doors and let’s have fun dressing up.
  • Crazy Crocodiles: These three crazy crocodiles are hungry. Can you undo the buttons on the fish and feed them to the crocodiles? 
  • Rainbow Raindrops: Look a beautiful rainbow in the sky! Match the colourful raindrops to the rainbow while you sing the rainbow song.

Safety Note

The Busy Bear Book contains small parts that are securely sewn on however please ensure children under the age of 3 are closely supervised.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

Absolutely love the Busy Bear Book! Quality is of a high standard & I’m so glad I paid extra to get the 12 page version!

Awesome book

The Busy Bear book is simply awesome! Can’t wait to give it to my grandson as a Christmas present. I already have the Fun on the Farm book ready to give him for his birthday next week. He’s going to love them!

It is beautiful and a gorgeous gift

Bought this for my niece who is almost three who has sensory needs. The beautiful colours and all the things she can touch and feel makes the book a beautiful present and something to be treasured forever. It is so well made and high quality. I would consider buying another one.

Superb book

My children aged 2, 3 and 6 all love it. They play with it together. My oldest helps my youngest with some of the more challenging pages. My favourite part is hearing the little stories they make up with the dolly.

Xuan Luo
Not bad but not worth

Only entertained for a short period. Not worth for money