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Fabulous Fox Book

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The Fabulous Fox Book is available in 8 pages or 12 pages. Specifically designed to develop a variety of cognitive concepts such as counting, shapes, numbers, patterns, sorting, matching and simple sums whilst encouraging creative play and fine motor skills.

For that extra special finishing touch and to encourage name recognition, personalisation with natural wooden beads is available. Simply select the “12 Page Personalised Edition” for this book.




  • Turtle Tots
  • Pick My Parts
  • Twitterpated Birds
  • Feelings Page
  • Bunch of Balloons
  • Counting Cookies
  • Baking Cookies
  • Apple Puzzle

 The 12 page edition has the following additional pages:

  • Smile for the Crocodile
  • Hungry Frog
  • Healthy Cooking Pot
  • Ten Little Fingers


Age Guide

Age Guide: 3 - 7 years


Size: 20 x 20cm

How to Play

  • Turtle Tots: Mama turtle needs to get her babies to shore. Can you help snap them back on her shell? How many baby turtles are there? Can you name the colours on each baby turtle?
  • Pick My Parts: Help! I have lost my parts! Please give me a head and a tail. What animal am I? Now, what shall I have for a snack?
  • Twitterpated Birds: The pretty birds need a bit of help getting back home. Can you count the birds and name their colours?
  • Feelings Page: My face is all out of sorts! Can you use the pieces to make me: Happy? Sad? Angry? Confused? Silly?
  • Bunch of Balloons: Match the balloon shapes and snap on the elephant’s trunk before the balloons fly away!
  • Counting Cookies: Yummy choc chip cookies! How many choc chips do they have? Can you match them with the right number packet?
  • Baking Cookies: How many cookies in the oven? Count how many chips are on each cookie. Can you put them in order? Yum!
  • Apple Puzzle: What a big delicious red apple. Someone has bitten off the pieces! Can you help put it together again?

 The 12 page edition has the following additional pages:

  • Smile for the Crocodile: It is bedtime and baby crocodile needs help brushing his teeth. Can you help? 
  • Hungry Frog: Hungry frog is hungry again! Didn’t he just have breakfast? Help him catch the flies by threading his long tongue through their wings.
  • Healthy Cooking Pot: Who is hungry? Use the healthy cooking pot to whip up a tasty and wholesome meal for dinner.
  • Ten Little Fingers: How many fingers on the left and how many on the right? Can you use the numbers to make up a clever sum to show the total number of fingers?

Safety Note

The Fabulous Fox book contains small parts that are securely sewn on however please continue to ensure that children under the age of 3 are closely supervised whilst playing with this busy book.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Savannah Ramsey
A must buy!

I got the fabulous fox book after seeing a friend of mines little girls busy bear book. It’s the best! My daughter (3 years old) absolutely loves it. She will sit for hours making her way through the activities and just playing, it’s replaced iPad time altogether. These little books are now my go to for baby shower/birthday/Christmas presents, because they are just divine, so beautifully made, and so great for kids. It’s the kind of thing you buy and keep for all the siblings and then pass on to the grand kids. Initially I thought they were extremely pricey, but now I honestly think they are worth every cent, especially when you see all the detail. A must buy!

Cheryl Finkel
Fantastic books

I purchased the Busy Bear, Fabulous Fox and Curious Koala books for my family daycare. All fantastic quality with a well thought out variety of activities. The kids love it, such a good activity to do during quiet time. Great investment.

Kathryn R
Amazing product!!

My 2 year old loves hers! Beautifully made Can! Can keep her attention for a decent amount of time, and it's the only thing we can use that makes her happy when we turn the TV off.

Justine Chang
Great learning tool

Very useful for introducing concepts for preschool, in particular numbers and counting. Makes learning so much fun for little ones.

Hester T.

Our busybook has been a gamechanger for us since we got it a few months ago. My 3.5 y.o who usually refuses to sit still and do anything learning related has so much fun with this book and asks to take it with him everywhere. I'm so impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the product, after months of play the pages still look as new. I also love that it could be personalised with your child's name! I cant wait to add more busybooks to our collection.